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Our Goal

The goal of eMotion Arts is to guide dancers to realize what shapes their Artistic Vision, their individual and unique style, their "voice".

We believe that by offering an all-around approach to their training, dancers will be more likely to connect to the intimate process of artistry in dance, bringing awareness to their voice as a dancer, as an artist, and as a human being. This training approach will help find their sense of purpose. We believe that these lessons learned in the context of dance, will then later be applied in other aspects of their life as well resulting in a well-rounded individual.


Education & Enrichment

eMotion Arts has two primary focuses:  educational & enrichment, and the performing company. 

Through its Educational and Enrichment program, eMotion Arts brings workshops, master classes and seminars to dancers of all backgrounds, ages, and levels.

Guest Artists will be giving workshops, master classes, and lectures on the components of movement art (music, technique, choreography, improv, nutrition, etc.). Dancers will also have opportunities to rehearse and perform for showcases, studio presentations, and choreographic platforms. This program will introduce Community Outreach opportunities as a way for dancers to share with the Community their love for Art.

Our programs

The Company

eMotion Arts has a newly formed Dance Company with the mission of spreading a message of Oneness through Dance.

Embracing diversity by incorporating different dance styles and artistic visions, we want to create an inclusive space where dancers and choreographers collaborate to bring their creations to life.

This creative process incorporates collaborations with musicians, plus other choreographers and educators making the Company a place where its members can further their artistic development.


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eMotion Arts is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers' Group.